Walter Zepf Schmierungstechnik

We Stand for Reliable and High-Performance Solutions of Your Lubrication Problems

For more than 50 years, Zepf Schmierungstechnik constructs both lubricants for daily applications and special lubricants for moste extreme areas of application. Our product range includes lubricant for cutting and non-cutting metal forming, for high surface pressure and for wear-free lubrication of chains and wear-free permanent lubrication. Moreover, we produce lubricants for applications in high and low temperature ranges as well as for usage under exceptional effects of corrosion. We also produce high-performance gear oils and greases for machine tools, utility vehicles and racing cars. Furthermore, our product range contains biodegradable hydraulic oils für water turbines and wind power plants.

In the area of cutting and non-cutting transformation many operations, which were assumed to be impossible, became possible due to our lubricants. We develop and produce customized solutions for cold, warm and hot forming. In addition, we develop and produce lubricants for cold extrusion, deep drawing as well as for the whole area of cutting transformations.

By developing new high-tech products and by continuous optimization of products, that are already successful, Zepf Schmierungstechnik fully meets the requirements of our customers.

Some machines have an extremely tough job. We support them so that they can perform at maximum power every day.

The requirements on performance of modern gears and drive systems reach the limits of capacity of the single machine elements and their materials. In many cases such strains lead to premature wear and tear and consequently to downtimes of the machines. Thus, this can result in high warranty and maintenance costs. Using the products of Zepf Schmierungstechnik significantly increases the service life of your plants and tools. As a result, our products significantly reduce your operating costs.

References of our advanced customers show our performance capacity for your high-performance lubricants.

Our History of Origins


Development of Engine Oil

Development of high-performance engine oil for Formula 1, Formula V, Grand Turisme Class und rally racing.



High-Performance Lubricants

Development of high-performance lubricants for leading press manufacturer.


Forming Lubricants

Development of lubricants for all forming processes by order of the international automobile and suppliers industry of C-steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous metals. Lubricants for cutting and non-cutting forming processes.


Developments for the Automobile Sector

Development of chorine free and heavy metal free lubricants for the international automobile industry.

Zepf Schmierungstechnik

Development of Gear Oils

Development of the high-performance gear oil HT-320 Hyp GL 6 for the BMW 2002 TII.


Fuel from Renewable Resources

Development of the first 2-stroke fuel based on renewable resources worldwide.


More Fuels from Renewable Resources

Development of the first alternative fuel based on renewable resources for Diesel and petrol engines worldwide.


Visit of the Prime Minister

Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Prime Minister Lothar Späth and Walter Zepf conduct conversations regarding alternative fuels in Constance.


Deep Drawing Lubricants

Development of deep drawing lubricants for the most difficult deep drawing processes without using heavy metals and chorine.


Cold Forming

Development of a dispersion to replace the phosphating process of cold forming.