Aerosols/ Spray Cans

Aerosols/ Spray Cans

Our Aerosols

For the simple and handy usage of our aerosols, we fill them into fictional spray cans. Using sprays is optimal for our universal lubricants since this does not restrict the usage.

Our Ultra-Fit spray cans contain a universal lubricant. This lubricant is perfectly suited as contact spray, as corrosion protection and as chain lubricant. Moreover, Ultra-Fit is a highly effective rust breaker and prevents squeaking. Furthermore, we offer our customers the universal lubricant Aqua Fit, which is not hazardous to water.

In addition, we fill lubricants for metalworking and high pressure spay-on grease in cans. Furthermore, our Ultra Therm lubricants are best suited for applications in high temperature ares.

All aerosols are not harmful to the ozone layer and are equipped with the German „Grüner Punkt“.

If you have questions regarding our products and their applications, we will gladly advise you.

Aqua Fit: Non water-polluting, rust breaking universal lubricant, which is capable of creep, provides corrosion protection and displaces water. Aqua Fit does not attack lacquers and rubber, loosens solidified, rusted parts for dismantling.

Ultra Finish: Synthetic special lubricant for fine and rough machining, for deep drawing, extrusion and drilling as well as for thread-cutting and sawing.

Ultra Fit: Universal lubricant that can be used as EP- and chain lubricant, as contact spray and corrosion protection and also as highly efficient rust breaker. Moreover, Ultra Fit loosens rusted, solidified parts like screws and nuts. Additionally, our universal lubricant dissolves persistent oil and grease remains and dirt.

Ultra Lub S3: Environmentally friendly special lubricant for highly loaded open gears. The spray is used for long-term lubrication of open industrial gear units, eccentric presses and cranes as well as for chains, cables and slipways.

Ultra Therm: Universal lubricant, which solves lubrication problems under extremely high and low temperatures. Ultra Therm creates an almost indestructible film and solves difficult lubrication and dismantling problems.