For the Industry

For the Industry

Our Products for Industrial Usage

industrial lubricantsWe produce highly durable and powerful gear and hydraulic fluids, forming lubricants and greases for industrial usage.

We construct both semi-synthetic and fully synthetic gear and hydraulic fluids for our customers. Our gear and hydraulic oils are used for lubricating machine tools and agricultural machineries as well as for lubricating large gears in mining sectors. Moreover, our oils ensure an optimal lubrication of spindle, eccentric and hydraulic presses as well as of worm gears for escalators.

Our lubricants are suitable for applications in low and high temperature ranges as well as for the lubrication of slipways, guideways, slide bearings and rolling bearings. Moreover, our product range contains biodegradable lubricants for water and wind turbines.

Our forming lubricants are used for cutting and non-cutting transformations of iron alloys, aluminium and non-ferrous metal as well as steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. Furthermore, we offer solutions for forming processes of aluminium alloys and ferrous metals to our customers. Additionally, we produce lubricants for IHV-forming processes.

If you have questions regarding our products and their applications, we will gladly advise you.

Hydraulic and Gear Oils

Semi-Synthetic Gear Oils

GR-32: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 32
GR-36: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 36
GR-46: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 46
GR-10: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 68
GR-100: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 100
GR-150: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 150
GR-220: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 220
GR-320: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 320
GR-460: Semi-synthetic gear oil VG 460

Fully Synthetic Hydraulic and Gear Oils

ZVG-10: Fully synthetic hydraulic oil VG 10
ZX-36-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 32
ZX-10-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 46
ZX-46-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 46
ZX-50: Water-miscible hydraulic fluid VG 46
ZX-60-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 68
ZX-100-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 100
ZX-30-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 100
ZX-15-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 150
ZX-220-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 220
ZX-320-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 320
ZX-680-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 680
ZX-400-Synthex: Fully synthetic hydraulic and gear oil VG 220
Z-200: Wear-protection-compound


Water Turbine Greases

Aquagrease 240: Water turbine grease NLGI 2, biodegradable
Aquagrease 300: Water turbine grease NLGI 1, biodegradable
AR-7: Water turbine grease
Aqualub-S-III: Adhering compound for wire ropes and open gears in the area of hydraulic engineering

Machine Tools Greases

AR-1 EP: Grease for highest demands NLGI 00
AR-2 MW EP: Grease for highest demands NLGI 1
AR-3: Grease for slide and rolling bearings, high rotation speeds
AR-4: Low temperature grease up to -60°C
AR-10: EP-special-grease for gears
AR-12: High temperature grease
AR-12 K: High temperature grease
AR-12-KT/VO: High temperature gear grease
AR-210: Ca-12-Hydroxistearat soap-based grease
AR-210-F: Ca-12-Hydroxistearat soap-based grease with solids
AR-280: Special grease for friction and antifriction bearings, high-temperature
AR-280-N: Special grease for friction and antifriction bearings, high-temperature with solids
AR-280/000: Special grease  for gears and friction bearings, slideways and steerings
AR-280/1-2: Grease for antifriction bearings for centralized lubrication systems and for dusty working conditions
AR-420: Special grease for wire ropes, gears, friction and antifriction bearings
FE-12 BG/MW: Fitting lubricant against fretting corrosion
Slip paste R: lubrication of prestressed seals
LS 0/1/2/3: Lithium soap greases
LS-2-F: Special Li-soap grease with solids
Supralin-ZX-400: Special grease for sliding surfaces up to -55°C and for seat adjusters
Ultra-Therm: Anti-corrosion grease
Ultra-Therm MTU: Fitting lubricant for extreme thermal strains
Ultra-Therm paste: High-temperature grease
WG-1-D: High-performance long-time grease with solids
ZX-400: Fully synthetic EP-gear grease

Forming Lubricants

Minimal Quantity Lubrication

M-1: Forming fluid for aluminum and its alloys up to about 3mm sheet thickness, drilling, milling
M-2: Forming oil for ferrous metals, up to about 4mm sheet thickness cutting forming
M-3: Forming fluid for iron alloys, aluminum and non-ferrous metals both cutting and non-cutting
M-4: Forming oil for aluminum and non-ferrous metals, no copper corrosion
M-5: Forming fluid for drawing and pressings, drying


Rayon-2: Water-miscible deep drawing concentrate
Rayon-III-K: Water-miscible drawing fluid for steel and aluminum both cutting and non-cutting, extremely low coefficient of friction
Rayon-4: Water-miscible forming concentrate for iron alloys, manufacturing rims, deep drawing of wheel disks


Rayon-280: High-performance drawing oil for steel sheets up to about 10mm
Ultra-Finish Fluid: Forming oil for hardest forming operations, C-steel, stainless steels, IHV
Z-26: Forming oil for hardest forming operations,  C-steel, stainless steels, hard aluminum alloys, sawing of problematic alloys, IHV
Z-300: Forming oil for hardest forming operations without phosphating plates
ZVG-20: Forming oil for rolling high-strength iron alloys with very low coefficient of friction. E.g. production of needles and body sheets
Ultra-Finish Fluid: Special drawing oil for hardest forming operations both cutting and non-cutting, stainless steel, C-steel, IHV
ZX-Antichlor-20: Special drawing oil for forming of steel and aluminum
ZX-Antichlor-20 SD: Scrubbing oil for forming body sheets and other covering panels in the automotive industry
ZX-60-GB: Slipway oil for hardest loads, forging hammer tracks etc.
Z-AC-80: Impact extrusion oil