Forming Lubricants

Forming Lubricants

Our Forming Lubricants

We manufacture high-quality forming lubricants for the most difficult transformations of our customers. Our forming lubricants are applied for cutting and non-cutting transformations of iron alloys, aluminium and non-ferrous metals as well as steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. In addition, we provide solutions for forming processes of aluminium alloy and ferrous metals to our customers. Moreover, our product range covers water-miscible deep drawing concentrate and deep drawing fluids as well as special drawing oil and high-performance drawing oils.

If you have questions regarding our products and their applications, we will gladly advise you.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

M-1: Forming fluid for aluminum and its alloys up to about 3mm sheet thickness, drilling, milling

M-2: Forming oil for ferrous metals, up to about 4mm sheet thickness for cutting forming

M-3: Forming fluid for iron alloys, aluminum and non-ferrous metals for both cutting and non-cutting

M-4: Forming oil for aluminum and non-ferrous metals, no copper corrosion

M-5: Forming fluid for drawing and stamping, drying

Water-Miscible Forming Lubricants

Rayon-2: Water-miscible deep drawing concentrate

Rayon-III-K: Water-miscible drawing fluid for steel and aluminum both cutting and non-cutting, extremely low coefficient of friction

Rayon-4: Water-miscible forming concentrate for iron alloys, manufacturing of rims, deep drawing of wheel disks

Rayon-100 AL/ST: Water-miscible cleaning concentrate

Non Water-Miscible Forming Lubricants

Rayon-280: High-performance drawing oil for steel sheets up to about 10mm

Ultra-Finish Fluid: Forming oil for most difficult forming operations, carbon steel, stainless steels, IHV

Z-26: Forming oil for most difficult forming operations,  carbon steel, stainless steels, hard aluminum alloys, sawing of problematic alloys, IHV

Z-300: Forming oil for hardest forming operations without phosphating plates

ZVG-20: Forming oil for rolling high-strength iron alloys with very low coefficient of friction like the production of needles and body sheets

Ultra-Finish Fluid: Special drawing oil for most difficult forming operations both cutting and non-cutting, stainless steel, carbon steel, IHV

ZX-Antichlor-20: Special drawing oil for forming of steel and aluminum

ZX-Antichlor-20 SD: Scrubbing oil for forming body sheets and other covering panels in the automotive industry

ZX-60-GB: Slipway oil for most difficult loads, forging hammer tracks and more

ZX-400 HYP GL6: Hypoid gear oil VG220

Z-AC-80: Impact extrusion oil