Our Greases

We produce high-quality greases für the highest demands of our customers. Our product range includes biodegradable lubricants and greases for lubrications under low and high temperatures. In addition, we offer a large selection of various special greases for lubricating slide and rolling bearings to our customers.

If you have questions regarding our products and their applications, we will gladly advise you.

Aquagrease 240: Water turbine grease NLGI 2, biodegradable

Aquagrease 300: Water turbine grease NLGI 1, biodegradable

Aqualub-S-III: Adhering compound for tightropes and open gears in the area of hydraulic engineering

AR-1 EP: Grease for highest demands NLGI 00

AR-2 MW EP: Grease for highest demands NLGI 1

AR-3: Grease for slide and rolling bearings, suitable for high rotation speed

AR-4: Cryogenic grease for applications up to -60°C

AR-7: Water turbine grease

AR-10: EP-special grease for gears

AR-12: High-temperature grease

AR-12 K: High-temperature gear grease

AR-12-KT/VO: High-temperature gear grease

AR-210: Ca-12-Hydroxistearat soap-based grease

AR-210-F: Ca-12-Hydroxistearat soap-based grease with solids

AR-280: Special grease for slide and rolling bearings, suitable for high-temperature applications

AR-280-N: Special grease containing solids for slide and rolling bearings, suitable for high-temperature applications

AR-280/000: Special grease  for gears and friction bearings, slideways and steerings

AR-280/1-2: Grease for antifriction bearings for centralized lubrication systems and for dusty working conditions

AR-420: Special grease for wire ropes, gears, friction and antifriction bearings

FE-12 BG/MW: Assembly paste against fretting corrosion

Slip paste R: Lubrication of prestressed seals

LS 0/1/2/3: Lithium soap greases

LS-2-F: Special Li-soap grease with solids

Supralin-ZX-400: Special grease for sliding surfaces up to -55°C and for seat adjusters

Ultra-Therm: Corrosion protection grease

Ultra-Therm MTU: Assembly paste for extreme thermal strains

Ultra-Therm paste: High-temperature grease

WG-1-D: High-performance long-time grease with solids

ZX-400: Fully synthetic EP-gear grease

Bicycle Grease

Our bicycle lubricants are developed for and distributed by dynamic. For further information about the products just follow the following links.

Suspension fork greases, oils and sprays

All-round grease

High-performance grease

Assembly paste