About Us

Reliability and Quality

For over 50 years we have been designing lubricants for daily use as well as innovative special lubricants for the most challenging applications and conditions. In the area of cutting and non-cutting forming operations, our forming lubricants enable operations that were considered unfeasible beforehand.

Our product portfolio includes high-quality forming lubricants for non cutting and cutting metal forming operations, heavy-duty hydraulic oils and industrial gear oils for high loads as well as industrial lubricants for wear-free lubrication of chains and permanent lubrication. In addition, we manufacture low and high temperature lubricants and corrosion protection oils for applications under extreme conditions.

Moreover, our portfolio includes readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids and environmentally friendly lubricants and greases for wind turbines and hydroelectric power plants based on renewable resources.

We develop and produce customized high performance lubricants for our customers for optimal solutions for individual lubricating issues.

High Performance

The performance demands on modern gears and drive systems often reach the limits of the load capacity of the individual machine elements and their materials.

In many cases, the extreme loads will lead to premature wear and machine downtimes if inferior lubricants are used. This can cause high warranty and maintenance costs. Our high performance industrial lubricants increase the service life of your plants and tools and thus reduce operating costs. In addition, using our high performance lubricants can increase the availability of your machines and reduces disturbances.

Our environmentally friendly gear and hydraulic oils, which are based on synthetic esters from renewable raw materials, are characterised by a high load bearing capacity and a high wear protection as well as an efficient corrosion protection and excellent ageing and oxidation stability. These properties enable a longer service life of machines with lower maintenance costs and longer oil change intervals. Furthermore, machines can start more easily and can show lower energy losses at higher temperatures.

Made in Germany

All our lubricants are developed and manufactured in our plant in Germany. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we ourself have the highest quality requirements for our lubricants.


To actively preserve the environment, we use environmentally friendly and renewable resources for many of our lubricants. Special lubricants based on renewable resources are significantly more environmentally friendly as lubricants based on mineral oil. Our eco-friendly lubricants are less toxic and have a lower environmental impact in terms of waste disposal.

Industrial lubricants with high shares of renewable raw materials can be used as alternatives to common lubricants based on fossil resources in order to reduced the CO2 footprint and to protect the environment. Using renewable resources contributes to the saving of fossil raw materials and thus to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, lubricants based on renewable resources have properties and functionalities that can not be achieved with fossil resources or only with considerably more effort. Using renewable raw materials also reduces the dependence on fossil and finite resources.