Environmentally Friendly Lubricants

Improve your carbon footprint with our environmentally friendly lubricants!

Environmental Friendliness and Sustainability

Environmentally friendly lubricants are based on biodegradable base oils and have a lower toxicity than many conventional lubricants. In addition, our sustainable lubricants consist to a large extent of renewable resources and can be applied more efficiently due to their high quality and performance.

Biolubricants are primarily used in applications, in which environmental risks of contact with conventional lubricants cannot be excluded. Hence, environmentally friendly greases and biodegradable hydraulic oils are mainly used in hydroelectric power plants and agricultural machines due to their low toxicity and low water hazard.

Our eco-friendly industrial lubricants combine environmental friendliness with high performance and economic efficiency. This enables a sustainable, climate friendly use of lubricants even in the industrial sector.

The use of ester-based hydraulic fluids and gear oils ensures more consistent lubrication properties, better temperature stability and enables energy-efficient usage.

The low toxicity of our environmentally friendly forming lubricants protects the health of your employees. Due to the high proportion of renewable raw materials and the possible application as minimum quantity lubricants, our environmentally friendly metalworking fluids can be used in a resource-saving manner.

Properties of Ecologically Friendly Lubricants

Even though eco-friendly lubricants have a higher purchase price than mineral oil based lubricants, the overall costs of the lubricants are often lower.

The low toxicity of our environmentally friendly lubes reduces the risk of leakage and can help to reduce storage and disposal costs. In addition, costs of employee health protection and compliance with emissions limits are reduced. The low aquatic toxicity is an important factor for applications in which lubricants can enter the environment.

Often, our lubricants based on renewable resources have better properties and functionalities than lubricants based on fossil resources. The higher lubricity and the better protection against wear can lead to a reduction in energy consumption to longer life times of machines and tools.

The viscosity of our eco-friendly lubricants is less affected by temperature as the viscosity of common lubes. Thus, the lubrication properties remain more constant, flow and splashing losses are minimized and the control is simplified. Moreover, the use of environmentally and high renewable hydraulic fluids enables better and more energy-efficient cold starts and higher operating temperatures.

Due to the natural high ageing and oxidation stability of esters, you can extend oil change intervals, reduce maintenance work and lower oil consumption. In addition, one can extend maintenance cycles and minimize downtimes.

With our environmentally friendly high-tech lubricants you can reduce operating costs and improve your carbon footprint.

If you have further questions regarding our ecologically friendly lubricants, please do not hesitate to contact us.