Ultra Finish

Ultra Finish is a highly durable lubricant for cutting and non-cutting forming operations of metals. It also can be applied for metalworking at high temperatures. Among other things, the metal working fluid can be used for austenitic steel, cast steel, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium and tungsten.

Ultra Finish can be applied for reaming, thread forming, drilling, milling, sawing, profile rolling, deep drawing and extrusion.

Ultra Fit

Ultra Fit is a silicone-free, highly durable multi-functional lubricant with excellent penetration for efficient cleaning and lubrication of chains and mechanical parts. Ultra Fit can also be used as contact spray, to dissolve rust and fretting corrosion, resinous grease and as corrosion protection oil.

The load bearing capacity of the EP-multi-purpose lubricant according to DIN 51347 (Brugger) is approximately ca. 90 N/mm2. Furthermore, the universal oil is used a a forming lubrication for thin body sheets.

Ultra Fit Eco

Ultra Fit Eco is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable universal oil that efficiently and reliably lubricates chains and mechanical parts and protects them from corrosion. It forms a highly durable lubricating film, dissolves rust, looses stuck parts and resinous greases. Ultra Fit Eco is free of mineral oils and heavy metals.

The eco-friendly multi-functional lubricant consists of approximately 60 percent renewable resources and does not resinify.

Ultra Lub S III

Ultra Lub S III is a high-pressure spray-on grease for the lubrication of highly loaded, open gears, chains, wire ropes and rollers. The special adhesive lubricant is designed for long-term lubrication, resists high shear stress and protects surfaces.

Ultra Lub S III is applied for the lubrication of open gears of excavators, cranes, escalators and elevators, for lubricating slides and locks of hydroelectric power stations as well as gear racks in greenhouses.

Ultra Therm

Ultra Therm is a pasty universal lubricant for the lubrication of highly loaded sliding surfaces and highly thermically stressed bolts and threads. Even at high temperatures, Ultra Therm protects against seizing, corrosion and oxidation.

In the area of forming operations, the multi-purpose lubricant can be applied to lubricate dies, hinges, matrices as well as to help retract stamps and matrices that are used for deep drawing and extrusion. In addition, the forging tools are protected against corrosion. Ultra Therm can be applied between -70 °C and +1400 °C.